Don't Report Your Stolen Drugs

It's time for another story about someone calling the cops to report their stolen drugs. This isn't the first time I've posted a story like this and it probably won't be the last.
For some reason 39 yr. old Robert Collins thought it would be a good idea to call the cops after his wife stole his cocaine. He found out the hard way that the cops don't care about your stolen narcotics. Earlier this month called Alliance, Ohio police to rat out his wife for walking out with his coke. They were more than happy to stop by his house and investigate the matter. Only thing is it didn't turn out the way he planned it. When police arrived Collins changed his mind and suddenly couldn't remember why he called 911 in the first place. Since there was no coke to be found the police decided to book Collins after they found a marijuana pipe in his pocket. Not only was Collins charged for possession of paraphernalia but it turns out he had an active warrant out for his arrest stemming from a 2013 criminal case. Collins was booked into the county jail on misdemeanor charges and is awaiting trial for his latest infractions. So again, let this be another lesson to not call the cops when someone steals your drugs. The cops don't care about your stolen drugs.
The Smoking Gun has the story

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