Florida Man Needs More Beer. NOW!!!!!

When Jerome Clemons wants a beer you better get that man a beer or chances are he might burn down your house. Mr. Clemons is being charged with one count of arson after he burned part of his home after his niece refused to make a beer run for him. It all went down last week when Clemons ran out of beer and asked his niece to drive to the store to get more. She refused and sent Clemons into an alcoholic rage. Police reports state that the niece left the home after an argument broke out leaving Clemons at home with his brother. The brother told police he went about his nightly routine while Jerome stomped around the house mumbling to himself that he was sick of it all. At the point, Jerome grabbed a gas can and emptied it's contents onto an area rug thrown over an ATV and light it on fire. The flames quickly spread from the rug and ATV to a portion of the house. James Clemons, the brother, eventually got the fire under control with a garden hose and called the police. Responding officers said that Jerome had severe burns on his body including blistering and peeling skin. The report stated that the fire was contained to a corner of the house and damage was minimal. However, Jerome never did get that beer he so badly wanted.
Huff Post has the full story

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