Dad Eats Pot Brownies, Freaks Out

Some poor dad up in Independence Township, Michigan thought he was treating himself to a couple brownies but little did he know he was dipping into his daughter's pot edibles. This past Wednesday the 58 yr. old dad saw some brownies sitting out and figured he'd grab a couple. A few minutes later he was on the phone with emergency services claiming to be having a stroke. He wasn't having a stroke, he was just really, really stoned. When the cops showed up the dad told them that he had no idea what was happening to his mind and body. After a little a questioning the daughter told cops that she had made a batch of pot brownies and left them sitting out thinking that no one would eat them. The dad indulged and ate one too many. Paramedics took the dad to the hospital where he was later released once he came down. He was treated with a round of cartoons and starring at his hand for an hour. The names of the dad and daughter have not been released but police did say that the daughter would be punished for possession of marijuana after the brownies tested positive. The worst part of the story is the fact that a great batch of pot brownies was wasted on a lightweight. Someone could have actually enjoyed those.
Huff Post has the story

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