Internet Relationship Ends In Head Trauma

A woman from Portland, OR just won the award for break-up of the year after she beat down her internet boyfriend hours after meeting him for the first time. Haley Fox, 24, will have some time to think of a new 
on-line dating profile after she was arrested for assault last week. It all started when Fox and her internet boyfriend, who had been dating on-line for 2 years, decided to make things official and meet up in person. The boyfriend, 26 year old Sam Campbell, across the country from Alabama to Oregon to meet the girl of his dreams only to find out what everyone else already knows, things on the internet don't always appear as they seem. According to police reports Campbell arrived at Fox's home and found a table set up outside with a nice spread of food and wine. The two exchanged pleasentries, Fox poured her beau a glass a wine and things seemed to be going well. Fox said she had a surprise and asked Campbell to close his eyes. That's when Fox picked up a metal baseball bat and started beating Campbell over the head with it. She hit him three times before Campbell has able to escape and call the cops. When officers arrived and asked Fox why she beat her boyfriend she told them that she didn't want to date him anymore. Sure, that makes total sense. A lot more sense than picking up the phone and telling him not to make the cross country trip. So not only is Campbell out a girlfriend but now he has to drive back to Alabama with a massive headache. I for one am shocked that this guy managed to find a crazy woman on an internet dating site. 
WGN has the story

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