The Roach Burger Is Not On the Menu

McDonald's isn't known for their healthy options but it's a quick option if you're on the go. Plus, you have to admit the fries are damn tasty. Usually when you place your order you assume they won't add anything extra like pickles or cockroaches. Wait what?!?
A woman in New Zealand stopped into McDonald's for dinner with her son and picked up a Big Mac but ended up getting a big bite of cockroach. BARF!!! 26 year old Annah Stevenson says her family usually makes a point to eat healthy but was out and about and wanted something fast. She said she had only taken a few bites before she realized something was off about her burger,

"I was working on it for about three or four seconds, I thought it was a bit of gristly meat. I pulled it out and it was a bug - half there and half chomped. The guts were hanging out and it had a big hole in the middle of it."

Excuse me while I throw up in my mouth. Stevenson waited till she got home to enjoy her meal and that's when she made the discovery. She said that once she noticed the bug she quietly left the table and headed to the bathroom and started to violently throw up. When she was done she scrubbed her mouth out with a toothbrush and was spitting out black pieces of the roach's shell like body. The reality finally set in that she consumed a cockroach with her burger,

"I just couldn't cope, it felt like every time I swallowed I was swallowing bits of it. I'll never, ever eat another Big Mac as long as I live. It's fast-food extreme - they made it so fast they didn't know what they were putting in it."
Stevenson didn't contact the restaurant but instead took to Facebook with her story. A spokesman for McDonald's picked up the story and came out with a statement saying they take these types of incidents very serious and will get to the bottom of it. Hopefully there isn't a half eaten bug at the bottom. Stevenson said she doesn't want any food vouchers from McDonald's since she'll never be eating there again. Instead, she wants them to take more care in preparing their food. 
Stuff.nz has the story

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