BINGO Vigilante

Bingo is serious business and if you don't believe me just ask 82 yr. old Fred Smith from Lake Wales, FL.
Mr. Smith was arrested for criminal mischief after he used an ice pick to slash the tires of 88 yr. old Ethel Britt, an elderly woman he was playing Bingo with. According to police reports, Smith was charged last Monday after surveillance cameras caught him in the act. Smith is seen storming out of the Bingo hall at the Lake Ashton Retirement Community and heading towards Britt's car. That's where he pulls out an ice pick and slashes the tires. Smith told responding officers that he was upset because that Britt was sitting in his favorite/lucky seat. Smith apologized for his actions and said he acted in the wrong. He won't face any jail time but has to pay $500 for the tire damage and restitution. Let this be a lesson to you Bingo junkies down in Florida, you don't EVER sit in Fred Smith seat. That's how muthafuckas get sliced. You've been warned.
The Globe & Mail has the story

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