Secret Stash #7:British Invasion

I've been listening to a lot of underground British hip hop lately, well, underground in the states at least. These dudes from across the pond are bringing it back with an English touch and it sounds nice. I wanted to spotlight some of the stuff I've been listening to lately but also point out that this is by no means complete coverage of the scene over in England. The Secret Stash is always dedicated to undgerground sounds and there's a lot of noise coming from over in jolly ol' England. Grab a pint or 5 and spin the dial till you land on OI!!

Intro "Spark It Up" - Skuff & Inja
"One Drink(that's completely out the question) - Dirty Dike ft. Jam Baxter, Ronnie Bosh
"Who's That Muddy Funkster" - Stig of the Dump
"The Tear Down" - Dupa Styles
"Drug Co." - Hock Tu Down
"The Great Escape" - Universal Soliders
"Mind Out" - Foreign Beggars ft. Skrien
"Future Posse Cut One Thousand" - Dirty Dike ft. Stig of the Dump, Dr.Syntax, BVA, DatKid, Verb T. Jam Baxter, Edward Scissortongue, Mr.Key, Fliptrix, & Leaf Dog
"This Ain't a Track" - Unusual Suspects
"Silent Flight" - The Four Owls
"It's a Mad World" - BVA ft. Fliptrix, Cracker Jon. & DJ Sammy B-Side
"Straight Out" - Kashmere the Iguana Man
"Dub Styles" - Roots Manuva
"Blaze It Up" - The Mouse Outfit
"Culture Pop" - CopperShot & Braintax
"Alcoholic Author" - Jehst "Rosegarden" - Edward Scissortongue
Outro **Download this episode HERE**

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