2 Assholes Talking Music #45

We're back in the lab to fire up another show and pay tribute to Grateful Dead and their 50 years of melting minds. Before we get to all the heady tunes it's business as usual with beer and music news. P Diddy gets us started with his arrest during his son's football practice then Kanye Covering Queen @ Glastonbury, the rapper who cut his dick off, Mars Volta and their epic weed habit, Puddle of Mudd fail from obscurity, Selfie Sticks at concerts, and close it out with a new WTF band, Hate Beak. After news it's Guess That Video and more horrible YouTube comments. We close it out with some of our favorite Dead tunes in honor of the Fare Thee Well shows. Grab your party favor of choice and tune into the greatest pirate radio show ever created!!!

"Crowd Sculptures & Parallelogram" - Infrared Roses
"Alligator" - Filmore East April '71
"Eyes of the World" - Syracuse, NY 9/28/76
"Cold Rain & Snow" - Madison, WI 2/3/78
"Jack Straw" - Europe '72
"Weather Report Suite" - Providence, RI 6/26/74
"Cumberland Blues" - Workingman's Dead
"You See a Broken Heart" - Oddities & Rare Cuts 1966
"Dire Wolf" - Filmore East 2/13/70

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