2 Assholes Talking Music #46

This week we're joined by good friends of the show Teddy French and BC for another wrap-up of the week in music. After a few beers we get into this year's Gathering of the Juggalos and ICP's tax problems, Lil' Wayne being marked for death, Vinnie Paul's decision to remove the Confederate Flag from all Pantera merch, Phil Rudd from AC/DC in trouble again, the possible ban on music downloading in the UK, Finley Quaye being thrown off stage, Harry Potter meets Slim Shady, & new WTF band ft. Lady Baby. After all the news we debut a new game, White Boy Theater. Jim reads gangsta rap lyrics to me in his best white guy voice and I have to guess who the rapper is. Could be the best game ever played on this show. For the music tonight we went with a little hip hop mix courtesy of the Illuminati guy. Happy beers to you!!

"Broken Antenae" - Jak Progresso
"What Happened to That Toy" - The Weathermen
"8 Steps to Perfection" - Company Flow
"Obsolete" - The Orphange (Illogic-Slug-Aesop Rock-Blueprint-Eyedea)
Myron Fagan v/s Mondee
"C.I.A."(Criminals In Action) - Zach De La Rocha, KRS One, The Last Emperor

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