Beer Made From Lobster

I love beer and I love lobster but the thought of combining the two doesn't do anything for me. In fact, it just sounds plan awful. With the new craft beer movement sweeping America it only makes sense that someone would raise the bar and take things too far. A brewer out in Maine has combined two state staples and has created a saison style beer that's brewed using boiled lobsters. Oxbow Brewing uses a mesh bag filled with live lobsters and suspends it in a kettle of wort. Oxbow's brewmaster says the process adds a taste of brininess and sweetness that will be familiar to anyone who loves lobster. Add a dash of sea salt and you got yourself a Lobster Beer. It's 4.5% alcohol by volume is available on a limited basis, only being brewed for the summer season. If you're like me and are worried that all that tasty lobster is going to waste making this strange concoction have no fear, Oxbow Brewing says that all the lobster used is later eaten. Check out Oxbow's website for more information on ordering yourself some lobster beer.
Huff Post has the story

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