2 Assholes Talking Music #48

Back in the lab to roast the week in music news and throw back a couple of beers. This week we start things off with some metal news including Lemmy's failing health, his switch to vodka and his collapse on stage, Gene Simmons being investigated for child porn, Iron Maiden's tribute to Robin Williams, ExMortus being banned by Disney at the west coast House of Blues, and Dave Mustaine being asked if he would play with Metallica. From there we switch gears to the rap world with Ice Cube's claim that he and NWA paved the way for South Park & Eminem, Eazy E's son claiming Suge Knight killed his dad w/ AIDS, and Amy Schumer rapping with Talib Kweli on stage in Chicago. After that more Grateful Dead news after they announced they're hitting the road again this fall and we close out the news with a story about Justin's Bieber look-alike who killed himself. For our WTF Bands segment tonight we feature an actual Simpsons/Ned Flanders tribute band to make up for last weeks travesty.
Finally, we close out the show with another round of White Boy Theater where Jim reads rap lyrics in his whitest voice possible, basically himself, and I have to guess the artist. Give the volume a crank and grab another drank because it's time for more pirate radio with the 2 Assholes Talking Music!!

*Download this episode HERE*
WTF Band: Dr. Colossus

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