Carson Is And Always Will Be the King of Late Night

Despite the fact that Johnny Carson is dead and hasn't been on TV since the early '90s he still reigns supreme as the king of late night talk shows. Leno didn't even come close and personally I'm starting to wear thin on Jimmy Fallon. I've always been a Conan fan since he's been on so that's where I go but I totally get the love for Jimmy. I like the guy. I just don't like him as a talk show host. The games he plays with guests are fun but get old after doing them every single show. Take a night off, spread it out a little bit. Like I said, just my opinion. The one thing that kills me though is how he just sits and howls at the guests when they're talking and cracking jokes. I know he's a fan boy and geeks out when he's talking with celebs but dial it back. Let them do their thing. This is a great compilation of him clapping on laughing like a circus seal. Carson on the other hand was a pro. He was the best at riffing with comedians. He would just sit back and enjoy the ride. He had perfect timing and knew when to talk and when to shut up. A great example is this 1983 clip of Johnny and Rodney Dangerfield. Rodney is on the show to promote his new movie Easy Money and just be Rodney.

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