Crazy Man Burns Down House To Rid It of Demons

A Lancaster County, PA man is facing up to 20 years in jail after he burned down his family's home because he believed that aliens were living in the walls and the basement was a portal for demons. Obviously, this guy is totally sane. I mean just look at the mugshot above. That's the face of a totally rational human being.
Joshua Witman, 34, told the cops he lit his mom's home on fire by lighting a box of wood in his basement to rid the house of aliens and demons. Isn't that a Dan Brown book?
This may come as a shock but Witman has a history of heroin abuse and a rap sheet going back 16 years. A witness told police that they saw Witman fleeing on his bike moment before the entire house went up in flames. He now faces between 5 to 20 years in jail and is being forced to pay up to $90,000 in restitution costs to help rebuild his mom's house. Let this be a lesson to all you junkies out there, if you have a demon portal in your basement it's best to just move out or make friends with your new imaginary overlords.
Penn Live has the story

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