Oh, Florida Man. When Will You Ever Learn.

Florida man is at it again! This time one of the wang states finest accidentally texted a cop to score some weed. Because why not. William Lamberson, 29, from Port St. Lucie, was looking for some smoke and texted what he thought was his dealer. Turns out it was narcotics captain for the Martin County Sheriff's Department. Bummer!! The text started innocently enough with Lamberson asking "what's up?" and the officer replying "who is this?"
From there Lamberson replied saying that they met at the local 7-11 and he was dying to smoke some ganja. With the officers interest peaked he continued the conversation by saying that he could hook up the green if Lamberson could help him find some blow. Lamberson said no problem so they arranged a meeting to exchange the goods. Only problem was he set up a meeting with a cop and wouldn't be getting his pot. The two agreed to meet on Sept. 1st but the hammer dropped before that when officers were able to arrest Lamberson on charges of possession of cocaine with intent to sell. Turns out the guy he was texting did indeed have the hook up just not the one he was looking for. At the time the article was published it was unknown if Lamberson had secured an attorney.
The Washington Post has the story

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