2 Assholes Talking Music #51

First show in a couple of weeks so it feels good to be back in the lab with a cold beer in our hands. We took a break from the mics to bring you our annual Halloween special and it's our first show back after featuring some live music in the studio. We start things off with Jason Aldean dressing in black face for Halloween the we cover Justin Bieber's temper tantrum on stage in Norway, Randy Blythe(Lamb of God) getting jumped in Ireland, John Lennon's million dollar guitar sells at auction, Irish boy bands being used as a torture device, and Chester Bennington leaving STP. We take a quick break to discuss the Paris terrorist attacks being that they happened hours before we turned on the mics. At the time we were just finding out that the Eagles of Death Metal show was attacked. From there we finish up the rest of the news with the night club fire in Romania the killed 40+ including band members, an update on the health of Bad Brain's Dr. Know, Questlove getting snubbed by Finding Nemo, and close it out with Skrillex v/s DeadMau5 on Twitter. After the news it's more WTF Bands featuring Finland's premier dinosaur themed metal band, Hevisaurus. A group of dinosaurs that plays children themed heavy metal. It's awesome! For our game tonight it's White Boy Theater. Jim reads gangster rap lyrics in his whitest voice, his normal voice and Ryan has to guess the rapper. Grab a beer and join us for some pirate radio!!

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