Cannibal Corpse Has Their Own Beer

Legends of death metal Cannibal Corpse have teamed up with the craft brewers over at 3 Floyds Brewing to unleash their own brand of beer, the Amber Smashed Face Ale. The beer is currently available in select bars in liquor stores with a possible full release sometime later this year. It's a hearty amber ale that I recommend if you're into any kind of amber beers. I was able to sample a pint at the Cannibal Corpse show on October 30th and it was fucking fantastic! As a fan of amber ales I have to say it holds it's own. It's safe to say that somebody over at 3 Floyds is a death metal fan because they've also announced that they're teaming up with other metal bands like Municipal Waste & Pig Destroyer to release custom craft beers based on the bands music and taste in beer. Fuck yeah!! The label for Amber Smashed Face, seen above, was designed by comic book artist Vincent Locke who has been inking Cannibal Corpse album covers since Eaten Back to Life back in 1990. Check your local watering holes and stores for a 6 pack of Amber Smashed Face Ale. As soon as I hear about the beers for other bands I'll post an update.
Metal Sucks has the story

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