2 Assholes Talking Music #53

We got beers and a whole bunch of music news to tear apart this week. We start things off with a hilarious story about the 3 day Phish show down in Cancun that left one traveler a bit pissed off about his vacation destination. From there we get into the police files with former Backstreet Boy Nick Carter being arrested for starting a bar fight, Don "American Pie" McLean being arrested for domestic violence, and a rapper in Florida who tried to pass his mixtape off as a form of I.D. After that a quick story on the guy who now has Sir Mix-a-Lots old cell phone number, the NWA reunion at Coachella, Mos Def calls it quits, a black metal singer murdered in Thailand, Christian Bale learning to play the drums from Pantera and Mastodon, the new brand of Lemmy whiskey, an insanely cool Linkin Park mash-up track, the drama over at Guitar Center, more deaths in the music world, and we close out the news with a list of the most explicit bands in pop music according to some stupid ass survey. After all the news we play another round of Guess That Video with Jim trying to redeem his overall score by placing the horrible YouTube comments with the correct videos. We recommend you pour yourself a large cocktail and join us for a little pirate radio with the 2 Assholes Talking Music!!

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