Coast Guard Saves Drowning Blow-Up Doll

Earlier this week the British Coast Guard received a call about a person drowning off the coast of Cornwall. Rescue boats were launched and teams from the Coast Guard and Lifeboat volunteers searched for almost 90 minutes to find the victim. After an exhaustive search they found their victim, a blow-up doll. A local fisherman made the call after he saw, what he believed to be, a woman thrashing about in the water, fighting for her life. Rescuers said the fisherman gave a very accurate description of the "woman", right down to the clothes she was wearing. Rescuers don't blame the angler and admitted that from a distance it's hard to tell the difference between an actual human and a fuck toy. They also noted that his description and exact location made the rescue mission that much easier. A helicopter was the first to spot the "woman" and after extracting her from the water it was determined that a simple mistake was made. They'd rather citizens be vigilant and report what they see rather than going about their day and ignoring any dangers. If you're curious, yes, the picture above is the rescued doll. She's safe now and has been returned to whoever's basement she escaped from. She can now live out her days dry and sexy.
News AU has the story

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