Speakeasy w/ Hannibal Buress

Speakeasy is still going strong but it looks like Paul F. Tompkins is out as the host. Which is a shame because I've always said that this show had the potential to make the transition to TV and beat some of the major talk shows. A channel like IFC would of been smart to get on this but what do I know, I run a crappy blog page. This time around PFT is joined by one of the biggest names in stand up comedy right now, Hannibal Buress. The Chicago native bellies up to the bar to talk about his start in the biz and where it's taken him. It's great to see Hannibal doing well, I can remember seeing him in college performing at the local hip hop club and any open mic he could find. He actually performed at one of my house parties during our time at SIU-C. He even broke up a fight in my driveway one night during a party.

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