Naked Florida Man Found Roaming the Streets

It's hard to tell what Florida man will do next but you can bet money it will most likely involve some hard drugs, a mental break, or nudity. Or if you're lucky all three of those.
A Mary Esther, FL man was found by police stark raving nude and walking down the street. Police received an initial call around 8 a.m. about a man walking down the side of the road in his birthday suit. When officers arrived they found the unnamed 50yr. old man had abandoned his car and walking down the side of the road. Eventually officers were able to talk with the man and his explanation seemed pretty simple, Jesus told him to do it because of course he did. Police reports stated that the man was hearing the voice of God and he told the perp to strip naked, get out of his car, and travel by foot. It was also noted that the unnamed man was not all there mentally. The man was arrested and his car was towed since he left it in a school zone blocking a sidewalk. No further information was given about the man's mental state but it's Florida Man. He does as he pleases.
NWF Daily News has the story

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