Rock Legend Lita Ford Pens Tell All

Rock goddess Lita Ford has released her book detailing her roller coaster ride through the world of rock and roll starting with her days in the all female group, The Runaways up to her time as a solo artist. It's safe to say she's seen some shit over the years. Her days in The Runaways have been well documented including her rocky relationship with the band and their hyper controlling manager. In the 80's Lita found success with her solo career and cemented her place in the annals of rock fame. The book covers it all but with things like this it seems people just want to hear about the crazy days. Sex, drugs, and rock n roll!! A few highlights include........

-getting crabs from Dee Dee Ramone
-being in bed w/ Bon Jovi and he barfed everywhere from too much wine
-Eddie Van Halen jumping out the 4th story window of a hotel after being caught with Lita by her ex
-the drug and sex fueled early days of The Runaways
-her relationship w/ Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi and with drug induced erectile dysfunction

Just to name a few. The book, Living Like a Runaway is available now and if you're into the hey day of rock and metal this looks like a must read. Daily Mail has more

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