Stripper Bites Man's Crotch

A stripper in Rock County, WI is facing charges after she's been accused of biting a man in his crotch during a private dance. Mesheokia White was charged with suspicion of battery early last Thursday at Diamond Jim's. According to the police report filed by the victim, he payed the woman to "do her thing". From there the woman proceeded to rub her face all around the mans crotch and at some point chomped down on his dick hard enough to cause injury. Police on the scene said White was too intoxicated to cooperate and she was immediately taken into custody. I'm not a detective but I'm guessing that at some point she was trying to be sexy/seductive and thought it would be a good idea to give a cock nibble. Being too drunk she misjudged her bite and ended up performing a late term circumcision. Just my two cents as an amateur sleuth. Police reviewed security footage from the private dance rooms and the mans story checked out. No word on whether or not the vampire stripper is back on stage working. I guess you get what you pay for when you frequent a titty bar in Rock, WI.
Plus, looking at the girls mugshot brings to mind this classic from the Bloodhound Gang
CBS 58 has the story

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