Mom & Son Fight Over Meth Stash

Police in Spartanburg County were called to a home after a 27 yr. old man called to complain that his mom was yelling and getting mad at him. As they do, the officers responded to the call to find out that the mother and son were fighting about the son smoking the last of the house's meth stash. Man, I hate when that happens.
When cops arrived Nicholas Johnson was visibly agitated and was cussing at the officers. Once the cops were able to get control of the situation they determined the fight was over the son smoking the last of the meth stash that supposedly belonged to both the mother and son. Since there was no actual meth in the house Spartanburg police were unable to charge the son with possession but they were able to charge him with disorderly conduct after he began to freak out on his mom in the presence of the officers. Nicholas Johnson told police that he had polished off all the meth about an hour before they arrived. Momma Johnson was not charged with any crime but I'm guessing it's only a matter of time before she finds her self in a pair of cuffs. The son was booked in county jail on a misdemeanor charge. The Smoking Gun has the story

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