McDonald's Presents the MIDI Place Mat

McDonald's in the Netherlands will soon make it possible to order a quarter pounder with cheese and produce your own EDM beats. Pictured above is the new McTrax MIDI controller place mat, a marketing marvel courtesy of it's creators Jan Jesse Bakker and Radha Pleijsant. The Mctrax controller is made with conductive ink on an ultra thin circuit board with 26 digital touch points. The place mat will act as a mini studio with a keyboard, effects touch pad, and audio recording.
“The paper of the place mat is what makes this technique so innovative,” said digital design lead Bakker,“The phone merely acts as the speaker and screen, which is easily connected to the placemat via Bluetooth, making the sure you can hear the music on your speakers.”

The McTrax, video here, works via a downloadable app and the bluetooth on your phone. It's already available in the Netherlands but there's no word on whether this will be available here in the states. I wonder if this will work outside the restaurant? Can you take this home and use it there too? That would be hilarious. It's a great marketing tool to keep people in the restaurant but at the same time it might get a little noisy(read obnoxiously loud) if the entire McD's was sitting around rocking beats.
Magnetic Mag has the story

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