2 Assholes Talking Music #58

Rolling along into another great show this week! We start the show off with some tragic news regarding the Christina Grimmie shooting in Orlando during an autograph signing. After that we switch gears and get back to roasting the news with stories like Axl Rose asking Google to take down his fat face pictures, the massive drug bust at Bonaroo, the new Prophets of Rage tour and album, Joey Jordison's battle with MS, Eric Clapton finally calling it quits, Deftones playing inside of a volcano, the Irish fans at Euro Cup 2016, an 82 year old man that really like Drowning Pool, Bobby Brown having sex with a ghost, the new family friendly version of Cattle Decapitation, and finally a mom who really hates Primus. After the news we play a quick round of Guess That Video and close out the show. Grab a cold beer and join us for some more idiocy as we dive into another episode of 2 Assholes Talking Music !!

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