2 Assholes Talking Music #61

This week we cover the Kanye VMA rant as best we can, the Chris Brown police stand-off, Drake's tour bus getting robbed, the death of NWA manager Jerry Heller, ICP fans cutting off body parts, Darkthrone's Fenriz being elected to his local city council, the break-up of Abiotic, Gene Simmons on celebs endorsing politicians, the 31 year anniversary of Frank Zappa debating Kandy Stroud of the PMRC, what makes a song an ear worm, the Katy Perry catfish, Bieber's credit card getting denied at an LA Subway shop, and Robert DeNiro has no idea who Oasis is. After the news we have a new WTF Band that can only be best described as Mongolian Throat Singing metal. It's as bizarre as it sounds. We close out the show with another incredible local band, well regional I guess. Inimical Drive out of St. Louis is our featured artist tonight!! Grab a drink and join us for another episode of 2 Assholes Talking Music!!

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