Clowns Are Trying To Lure Kids Into the Woods in South Carolina

This is either a prank gone wrong or a great viral promotion for the remake of Stephen King's IT. Regardless of the reason locals in Greenville County South Carolina don't think it's very funny. Police say residents of a local apartment complex have been reporting sightings of a clown with a blinking nose attempting to lure kids into a forest preserve. At this point the cops have found no evidence to support the claims but have stepped up patrols in the area. However, people in the apartment complex say the clown is real and is creepy as hell. Kids reported the clowns have offered them money if they would join them in the woods. Other residents claim they've seen the clown standing around the complex at night, not saying anything and just generally being creepy. A woman told police her son told her he saw a group of clowns gathered in the nearby woods "whispering and making strange noises". OK, that's just plain fucking weird. At the time the article was published the cops had not seen the clowns themselves and residents are still on the look-out.

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