2 Assholes Talking Music #63

We're back to our regular format tonight, roasting the news and ripping beers. Lots of ground to cover after taking a few weeks off. We start off with Bob Dylan winning a Nobel Prize, As I Lay Dying's Tim Lambesis and his steroid man boobs, Vinnie Paul still hates Phil Anselmo, the Biggie hologram, Lady Gaga performing at the Super Bowl and who we would pick to play, the Rob Zombie/John Carpenter beef, the clown epidemic and what ICP is doing to stop it, Corey Feldman back on the Today Show, Nickelback hates Nickelback jokes, Alex Lifeson likes MDMA and Tool, Damian Marley's prison pot farm, the new R. Kelly Christmas album, and we close out the news with some tech news with the new Amazon music streaming service.
Our WTF Band for tonight comes courtesy of 2 piece noise rock band, Lightning Bolt!! An incredible wall of sound from Rhode Island that makes music like no other band out there. After that it's time for some Fake or Real featuring bands from the 2016 Desert Daze music festival in Joshua Tree, CA.

The local artist for the night is great friend of the show, Justin Purtill. It's hard to put Justin in any kind of category or genre so it's best to just let the music do the talking. He's played in the Jerry Garcia Band and alongside an incredible roster of storied jazz musicians. His music is available on iTunes or you can catch him live at any coffeehouse or jazz club throughout the city of Chicago.

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