2 Assholes Talking Music #71

Considering the blood alcohol level in the room last Friday night we manage to have a pretty decent show. We've been having lots of bands on so far this year but we decided to get back to normal and roast the week in music news and drink beer. Lots of it. Chris from the Stone Rollin' Devils stops by to talk about the Super Bowl halftime show, Arnold Shwarzeneger beefing with Nickelback on Twitter, the science of music, an onstage enema goes wrong, Australia's favorite song to have sex to, Bieber being an asshole again, Aaron Carter fighting his supporting act on stage, the ARMY hates Smashmouth, was Michael Jackson murdered, and more. Jim finally redeems himself in Guess That Video and we feature some music from one of the UK's premiere MCs, Leafdog. Grab a beer or 10 to catch up and join us for another barely sober episode of 2 Assholes Talking Music. Support pirate radio!!!

*Download this episode HERE*

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