Before They Were Famous (Gong Show edition)

Chuck Barris, the host of the classic '70s TV hit The Gong Show, passed away yesterday. If you believe his rumors and the movie Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, Chuck led a very interesting life not only as a game show host but as an undercover CIA agent. Chuck was a big hitter in the TV industry during the 60's and 70s for not only bringing the Gong Show to air but for also creating The Newlywed Show and The Dating Game. The Gong Show is famous for a lot of reasons, mostly because it was called one of the worst shows in the history of TV but it gave birth to pop culture icons like the Unknown Comic and Gene Gene the Dancing Machine. However, over the years on the Gong Show there were a lot of contestants that would later go on to be famous in their own right. Below is a video of an unknown group of bizarre musicians called The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo. That name might ring a bell for some. This group would later go through some line-up changes and become the 80's pop band Oingo Boingo fronted by musical genius Danny Elfman. Danny is just a young buck in the video, he's one of the rocket men. At the time the group was fronted and formed by Danny's brother but over the years Danny would take the helm and reform them as a pop group.

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