Murder Gravy

The 2 Assholes have been on hiatus for the last month or so but we've been plotting all the while. The final product of swapping files back and forth is a jigsaw puzzle of death metal culminating in this brutal mix of savagery.

"Conquest of Gliese" - Abiotic
"Fifty Ton War Machine" - Devourment
"The Saw Is The Law" - White Chapel
"Lie To My Face" - Carnifex
"Doomsday" - Impending Doom
"Doomed From Birth" - Thy Art Is Murder
"Blacked Out" - White Chapel
"Hellhole" - Impending Doom
"Entombment of a Machine"
"Indoctrinate" - Immolation
"Vimana" - Nevalra
"Axe to Mouth" - Gorgasm
"Le Detenteur" - Beyond Creation
"Projectile Ovulation" - Cattle Decapitation

*Download this episode HERE*

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