2 Assholes Talking Music #77

Just Ryan & Jim in the studio this week but no worries we'll be back in July and August with all kinds of musical guests and great interviews. This week we cover Chris Cornell's autopsy, Nickelback hates Stone Sour, Hanson calls Bieber chylamidia of the ear, Gene Simmons is still a dick, West Texas University class on metal lyrics. the Waken Open Air Festival beer pipeline, a guy busted at Bonaroo for selling an obscene amount of fake drugs, Pop star ryder sheets, a new YouTube artist who has 40 million views and 3 million dislikes on a month old video, and we close out the news with a quiz to find out which boy band personality we are. For our game tonight it's "Fake or Real" featuring bands from the Waken Open Air Festival in Germany this August. We close out the show with some killer new music from England's very own Rag n Bone Man. This dude is blowing up right now!! Grab yourself a cold beer and pump up the volume, it's time for more pirate radio for the 2 Assholes!!!

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