2 Assholes Talking Music #78 w/ Nevalra

Unfortunately, we ran into some technical difficulties that weren't discovered until after the fact so bare with us as the sound quality is not top tier. Nevalra stopped by the lab while laying waste to the Midwest on the their Slash the Summer tour. After I introduced the boys to a Chicago delicacy, Italian beefs, we sat down to talk about everything from conspiracy theories, worst on stage moves, ryder sheets, their least favorite genre of metal, girlfriends on the road, and a lot more. As always we have to play a game so the boys took a crack at "Tweet or Twit" with the loser having to walk to the gig. Even if you're not a fan of of black metal or extreme metal this interview hits on all points and has something for everyone. Nevalra is one of the hardest working bands I've ever had the pleasure to meet and call my friends. The amount of work and dedication these guys put into their craft is unrivaled. I'm saying it right now, in another year Nevalra will be one of the biggest names in metal and they most certainly deserve it. Check out nevalra.com for all things satan and links to their social media accounts. It always a trip when these dudes stop in town and this time isn't any different. Tune in and support pirate radio!!!

Nevalra Official Site

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