Hangover Cures From Around the World

Gizmodo put together a great list of hangover remedies from across the globe. Every time you're hung over and about to throw up all over yourself there's always some dick bag there to put his two cents in about how to feel better. Personally, a half a pack of cigarettes and lots of Arnold Palmer Ice Tea usually gets me feeling right and you can never go wrong with a little greasy breakfast. Others might say the best cure is the hair of the dog that bit ya, maybe a Bloody Mary or just get right back to getting shit faced. Either way everybody has their own way of doing things, here a sample of some of the weirder options out there.

In the island country they let the voodoo cure you of the morning booze blues. A voodoo priest takes 13 black head pins and sticks them into the bottle you were drinking out of the night before. I'm guessing this is similar to a voodoo doll, give the sickness back to the bottle type thing.

If you're ever hungover in Turkey I recommend you stick with aspirin and water unless you enjoy filling your stomach with more stomach. The Turks like to break out a nice pot of Tripe Stew to cure what ails them in the morning. The tripe or guts is boiled with onions, garlic and a mystery cream sauce and once that's done you chow down. I think the smell alone would make you vomit out anything that was left in your body.

When it comes to hangover cures the Mongolians don't fuck around. Over there they have their own version of the Blood Mary that's also made with tomato juice. Instead of a celery stalk or a nice piece of salami they go the top shelf ingredients, sheep's eye. Yep sheep's eye. I don't know if they liquify it or grind it up and sprinkle it in or what they do. It doesn't matter because I don't see myself ever drinking a sheep eye shooter.

Check out Gizmodo for the rest of the list

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