Ho Inflation

I wish I could tell you the going rate for a hooker these days but the prices seemed to slip my mind. I imagine it's just like everything else out there, over time prices go up. All those bitches got to cover overhead costs like nail polish, fishnet stockings, and that special shampoo you have to buy when you get the crabs. Those thing aren't cheap!
An Ann Arbor, MI man had enough with the sky rocketing prices of back alley hand jobs and decided to call the cops. Local police responded to a robbery call last Wednesday night and when they rolled up to the scene they were confronted by the 45yr. old john and his 19yr. old prostitute. The man told the cops that he met the young lady on-line and once he handed over the agreed upon amount of money she jacked up the price and demanded more cash. Either way the cops weren't having it and took the hooker and the man into custody. Cops wrote in their report that both the man and woman gave two completely different stories and the whole situation was a mess. The case is still under investigation and charges are being determined by the prosecutors. This ranks up there with people who call the cops because they got ripped off in a drug deal. I would think the last thing you'd do after getting ripped off by a hooker is call the police, but that's just me.
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