The Crazy is Strong

A month or so ago I posted a video of this super crazy lady talking about how the Jesuit's were planning a bukake bomb or jizz bomb if you will. Watch that video here. I can't do it justice in an explanation, just watch it. Well it turns out this lady has a YouTube channel and it's fascinating and scary both at the same time. The level of bat shit crazy is off the charts!!! This time around she's sharing the details about "the most important trial in the world" and from what I can piece together it's all being played out in her crazy head. This woman is obsessed with Brent Spiner of Star Trek fame and is convinced that their married and that the reason for 9/11 is because she watched "What About Bob?" one too many times. She's still hooked on the Jesuit's too, this time they're stealing her mail and they've bugged her mom's house so they can listen to her thoughts. You can't make this shit up!!!

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