Anybody who reads this and is into gaming knows that shit can get pretty heated sometimes, especially when you're playing one of the greatest games of all time, Madden NFL. Lots of shit talking and taunting and BAM!! Next thing you know you're calling a buddy to come bail you out of jail. OK, maybe it never leads to jail time but if you're dirt bag with an anger management problem it sometimes can.
Up in wonderful Racine, WI two brothers sat down for a little game of Madden earlier this week and things got heated. Michael, 21 and his bro Abrey, 19 came to blows after a little shit talking got out of hand and little brother couldn't handle losing to big brother. A witness told police that the brothers were full on brawling, younger Abrey told his brother to shut his mouth and step outside like a real man. When the younger brother stepped out big brother Michael tried to lock the door. Both brothers went at it right there with Michael throwing Abrey in a headlock and raining down punches on his face. Neighbors made the call when they saw the two fighting in front of the residence. Officers on the scene said they trashed the doorway and some furniture throughout the apartment.
Now here's the best part, little brother Abrey was staying with his big brother because it was closer to his probation officer and his anger management classes. HA!! Looks like little bro is going to be signing up for a few more classes and making another stop at the probation offices. Nothing unites a family like Madden.
Journal Times has the story

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