Woman Shows Tough Love

Once again the old saying of, "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" has proven to be true. Not only is it true but apparently it requires having your mouth stitched back together after your wife fish hook's you from behind prison style.
On the night of August 30th police in Crestview, FL were called out to a domestic dispute involving an injured man and his pissed off wife. Turns out the husband was cheating on his wife and she found out via his text messages. When she made the discovery said wife tossed out the cheating husband and told him he wasn't allowed back in the house. Later that night the husband decided he wanted back in the house and entered the residence about 8:30pm. When he showed up another fight broke out that ended with the wife jumping on his back and putting the man in a strangle hold. After breaking free from that she went street and sank in the fish hooks. If your unfamiliar with the move it involves placing your finger(s) in the side of your opponents mouth and pulling back. Done right it can do permanent damage but in this case the husband broke free and walked away with a cut on the inside of his mouth. According to the angry wife she was yelling at her husband and somehow her fingers "ended up in his mouth". She's been charged with misdemeanor battery and is free on bond. No word if the husband is allowed back in the house.
NWF Daily News has the full story

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