#8 - Student Bodies

Our next movie isn't as scary and gory as the rest of the list but it's a good change of pace. Before spoof movies like "Scream" and "Scary Movie" came out there was this gem from 1981, "Student Bodies". At the time this came out cinemas and drive-ins were being flooded with over the top splatter flicks and just plan old scary movies so director Mickey Rose decided to take things in another direction. "Student Bodies" takes place in a high school where all the kids seem to care about is sex. Cue our killer - The Breather. The Breather stalks the halls looking for naughty teenagers getting it on throughout the school and murders them while in the act. Each time The Breather strikes we get a POV style look thru his eyes of the attacks. When the Breather isn't knocking off horny teens he's making prank phone calls to the principal while talking thru a rubber chicken. This could be considered a pre-cursor to a lot of different movies but "Student Bodies" still stands alone as one of the first true horror movie parodies. Thanks to Gravy reader Wads for this one. Watch the full movie below.........

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