ESPN Meets Slayer

I know this commercial came out a month or so ago but I kind of dropped the ball on getting it posted here. ESPN's new "This is SportsCenter" promo features every one's favorite sports nerd John Clayton and his secret love of the greatest metal band of all time, SLAYER!!! You can check out the video here. The video below features members of the band and some friends being interviewed by Artisan News and how they reacted when they first saw the commercial. Kerry King says that he had no idea it even existed until a friend of his from the Oakland Raiders told him about it. He immediately sent it to Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo and told him he had to watch it ASAP. I don't watch a ton of ESPN so I'm not sure if the promo is still running but anytime you can catch Slayer on primetime TV it's not a bad thing.

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