Man Beats Relative With Burrito

It looks like I've been going about burritos all wrong for all these years. I was under the impression that it was meant for eating but now it looks like you can beat someone in the face with your Taco Bell burrito. It's like using a sack of oranges, it won't leave any marks and you can have a little treat after you're done administering the beat down. A Florida man is facing charges of misdemeanor battery after police responded to a domestic violence call. Officers in Port St. Lucie arrived at the house and found a teenage boy covered in gooey melted cheese and refried beans after his brother in law beat him in the face with a Taco Bell burrito. According to the reports the young boy and his mother were in the middle of a heated arguement and the brother in law felt the boy was being disrespectful. He told the mother to give him the burrito and that's when he launched it into the kids face "with force". Erik Brown, 36, admitted to the cops that he was the burrito beater and was taken into custody. While being booked at the station Brown told cops he was planning on going back to the house and knocking out the teen once he got out. Probably something you want to keep to yourself when you're being charged with battery. No word if the teenager suffered any kind of diarhea from the Taco Bell burrito attack.
Smoking Gun has the story

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