Before They Were Famous

'Ski Patrol' was one of my favorite '90s movies and me and my buddies would watch it on a constant loop. Looking back now though the movie wasn't really that great. Ski movies back then were a dime a dozen, it was like every studio had to release a wacky ski movie about those damn ski patrolers and their wild parties or the fail safe plot of a rich guy coming in to buy the mountain only to be saved by the ski patrol at the last minute and everyone lives happily ever after. If anything they were usually good for a boob shot or two and at that age that was really all we wanted. 'Ski Patrol' was a fun movie that didn't really have too much star power behind it other than TK Carter who was known for his sitcom work at the time and some movie creds here and there. There was this one Mexican guy too, he seemed funny enough for the part but would go on to make a much bigger name for himself a few years later. George Lopez played ski instructor Eddie Martinez who seemed more at home making lame jokes than he did ripping down the slopes. The clip below is his Rodney Dangerfield impression that he does all through out the movie but no one really seems to like it. Also worth noting is the appearance of Paul Feig as the nerdy Stanley, he's in the first clip wearing the vest and hat. Feig would go onto to produce and direct shows like The Office, Freaks and Geeks, and the movie Bridesmaids.

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