Smelly Fart Leads to Head Stomping

A pair of brothers in Austin, TX got into a little scuffle after one of them farted and stunk out the other one. Apparently the smell was so bad it warranted a beating. I usually just laugh and marvel that a smell that bad came out of my body but hey, different strokes for different folks. According to the police report Hector Alonzo Estrada became so enraged by his brothers foul smelling fart that he kicked him in the head and ran out the back door. The beaten brother called police and they were able to track Hector's footprints in the snow which lead to a nearby McDonald's where Hector was arrested on the spot. He was charged with felony assault which normally wouldn't be the case but police say past arrests, including another assault and interfering with a 911 call, bumped the fart-beating up to a felony. Hector Estrada claims that he never touched his brother and the injuries occurred during a fall. Not very creative, I would have tied the fart in there somehow. Like he farted so hard he cut his head wide open or the fart smelled so bad he caught one whiff and passed out, hitting his head causing it to bleed.
Austin Daily Herald has the story

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