Original Member of Iron Maiden Passes Away

Iron Maiden's first drummer Clive Burr passed away Tuesday at the age of 56 from his battle with Multiple Sclerosis. Burr joined the band back in 1979 when Maiden was just cutting their teeth on the scene and played on the first three albums, the last album being a Number of the Beast which was the bands big break-out album. Burr left the group in 1982 due to the band hectic touring schedule and personal differences. After leaving Iron Maiden Burr jumped around a few different bands including the French band Trust and a brief stint with Alcatrazz. Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson said he was probably the best drummer the band had ever played with,
  "...the best drummer the band ever had. That's not taking anything away from [present drummer] Nicko. Technically, Nicko's probably a far more competent drummer than Clive. It's just that Clive had this incredible feel, and you can't learn that, and I regret that he wasn't given more time to try and sort himself out."

The band released an official statement on their website yesterday saying that he will be missed by the Maiden family and that the band wouldn't be where they are today without the work of Clive. Burr was born in East London in 1958 and played with UK metal band Samson before being recruited by Iron Maiden in 1979. Burr was diagnosed with MS back in 2001 and died in his sleep at the age of 56.
Check out the bands website to read the memorial

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