Man Up Dad, You Look Like a Sissy

This clip is from a few years ago but it still amazes me that someone can completely lose their shit because their kids have a stomach ache from eating fried foods. The video comes courtesy of the show Wife Swap and this time around the producers thought it would be funny to switch out a wife who only allows her kids to eat raw foods with a wife who doesn't give a shit. The kids who have survived on raw foods their whole life go out to a restaurant and order what ever they want from the menu, needless to say they go right for the fried fatty foods. It doesn't take a doctor to figure out what happens next, they get sick. Now keep in mind the kids are not dying, they just have upset stomachs from eating something their systems aren't used to. Something that probably happens to people on a daily basis. But the dad being the raw food eating pussy that he is can't handle the thought of his children suffering through a little indigestion. In his eye's the kids are doomed. Jesus christ dude, it's a chicken finger not a bowl of arsenic. Man up you pussy!!

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