Death By Crushed Nuts

The trial began 2 weeks ago for a Chinese woman charged in the death of a stranger. She is being tried in the murder of a man she met only minutes before she ended his life by squeezing his scrotum to the point of death. Ouch!!!
It all started on April 19th of last year when the woman went out to run a few errands. She was riding her scooter and decided to park it up on the curb in front of a store. Only problem was the store owner wasn't too thrilled with her bike blocking the entrance to his shop. Fair enough. The shop owner confronted the lady and asked her to move the bike and that's when the woman completely lost her shit. She didn't appreciate the man telling her what to do so she grabbed onto the mans scrotum and squeezed so hard he passed out from the pain. Witnesses on the scene said the woman was out of her mind, screaming "I'll squeeze it to death, you'll never have children again!!"
Turns out she was right on two accounts, her death grip caused the man to pass out from pain and when paramedics arrived on the scene he was pronounced dead. Death by scrotum crushing, that's no way for a man to die. Right now the court is arguing over whether or not the statement she made was referring to the man or his penis. Depending on what she meant by "squeeze it to death" she could face murder charges.
Rocket News has the story

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