WOW!! I Can't Believe That Didn't Work!!

A little background on this video - it's two fighters facing off in a challenge for $5,000. In one corner wearing black you have a master of the martial art Kiai. Kiai is something you've heard before when martial artists punch or kick someone, a battle cry of sorts. It also relates to the manifestation, emission or projection of ones own energy (internal strength), while Aiki relates to the coordination of one's energy with the energy of an external source. Thus kiai is the expression or projection of our own, internal energy while aiki is coordination with an attacker's energy. As you'll see in the very beginning of the clip this Kiai master doesn't have to touch his opponents to strike them down, he simply harnesses his energy and releasing it upon them. Not a single touch and they go flying back. In the other corner wearing the black shorts and white top is a trained MMA fighter who's accepted this Kiai master's challenge. It doesn't take a martial arts expert to figure out what happens next. Watch the first 40 seconds for a quick lesson in Kiai then fast forward to 2:05 for the action.........

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