Home Owner Beats Down Robber

The picture above is an example of what happens when a homeowner says 'fuck it' and turns the tables on a thief. From the looks of that mugshot I think it's safe to assume the robber lost this round. The swollen tough guy above is 19yr. old Michael Maxwell and he learned a tough lesson late yesterday night when he and three friends tried to break into a home in Palm Bay, FL. When Maxwell and his friends entered the home the owner decided to fight back and was able to hold down Maxwell and administer some swift justice. Just how swift? Well they used a couple of different methods, starting with some fists then moved on to boot stomping then finished it off with a couple of rounds from a stun gun. All in all I'd say Maxwell is lucky to be alive. This day in age he's lucky he didn't get an entire clip unloaded on him. When police arrived at the home they found a bloodied Maxwell and one other accomplice, the rest of them fled on foot once they realized they picked the wrong home to rob. Maxwell was taken to a nearby hospital and treated for the severe ass kicking he received and as an added bonus he's being charged with one count of home invasion robbery with a firearm or deadly weapon and four counts of battery. The police report states that the residents of the home had no connection to the robbers and will not be charged for beating the shit out of Maxwell. Maybe next time these idiots will think twice about trying to break into someone else's home. 
Florida Today has the story

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