MMA Fighter Cancels, Audience Member Steps In the Ring

So heres something you don't see everyday. During a local MMA bout in British Coulmbia one of the fighters had to cancel hours before the fight was scheduled to take place. So a guy by the name of Tyler Lepper stepped in out of the crowd and took his place. I guess Tyler has a little bit of MMA training as stated by the ring announcer but it's plan to see that the other guy is in much better shape and seems to have better training. I give this dude all the credit in the world for stepping into the ring and taking a few shots.....   ...         


  1. Why thank you! and by the way i wasnt a crowd watcher i was part of team 604 and took that fight offer the night before the fight

  2. Right on!! I couldn't find a lot of info on the video so I was piecing together stuff from the comments and the ring announcer. Keep up the good work and thanks for checking out the site.