Naked Woman Has Rough Weekend

This past Monday was Memorial Day which meant that most of us had a 3 day weekend. That also means that lots of people spent the better part of the weekend getting shit faced. I know I did. For some people alcohol won't do so they decide to start the party with a little PCP. If I learned one thing from watching the show COPS it's that you never fuck with PCP.
Police in Norristown, PA had their hands full this past weekend. Just after midnight cops got a call that a woman was removing her clothes in someones front yard and when officers arrived they found 22yr. old Christyn DiGiorgio butt ass naked. When the officers approached her for some answers all she could mutter was "Adam & Eve". When they pressed her with more questions and demands for her to stop she just kept on babbling and ripping up the grass with a big grin on her face. The police report states that she was under the influence of PCP which might explain the crazy behavior. Police called for an EMT since they were dealing with someone using narcotics and she was placed inside the ambulance for an evaluation. At that moment DiGiorgio became combative with the EMTs so the police placed her under arrest but the fun didn't end there. Police questioned one of DiGiorgio's friends on the scene, she was holding all of DiGiorgio's clothes and belongings. When they questioned the woman, Alexis Chatman, she just laughed and said nothing. They soon realized she was also under the influence of PCP and was placed under arrest as well. Both were charged with public drunkenness and disorderly conduct and were released hours later. I can't end the story there either. After reading this article I scrolled down to the comment section and after a few posts of people making shit of this girl she actually chimed in herself and it's about the response you'd expect from someone who takes PCP,

 all from the mouths of people who know nothing about me . if any of you knew who i was and where i came from , you would think twice before making comments. instead of you stalking my criminal background and my mistakes try digging deeper to find out where i came from . i was born into a family wealthier than anyone in montgomery county. i came in and fell in love with a boy who has the potential to be more than what he was born into and i plan on getting me and him and our beautiful children far away from here. and as for my in law who trough me under the bus in her comment. shes been through hell also and also has great potential but like her brother was born into a family who wasnt brought up right themselves. Thank you norristar beause what you said is the only comment worth reading . ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE ME . and God has been the ONLY ONE by my side through all of this. read the article . i was smoking wet and i did have an episode . i was found naked and yes i couldnt respond to police because the only thing i could think about was God . i was screaming adam and eve. so was my mind really gone ? im pretty sure my mind was in the right place. so before you all leave more comments judging me, look at your past and your mistakes and then speak. sincerely , christyn alyssa faith digiorgio ")

Make of that what you will but in my opinion it's not something you want to hear coming out of a mother's mouth. Maybe start with some drug treatment and go from there.
Check out Pottstown Patch for the story

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